Welcome to ADHD, Squirrels, and Dopamine blog, it’s great to meet you!

If you’ve found your way to this corner of the internet it’s likely that…

  • You’re an adult in the UK who suspects they have ADHD and wants to know more about what to do next
  • You have had symptoms of ADHD for a long time, but it was only recently that you’ve been diagnosed, or are awaiting diagnosis
  • Perhaps someone you care about has ADHD, and you want to learn more about it to support them
  • You’ve been diagnosed with mental health issues that are connected to ADHD (anxiety, depression, eating disorders), or misdiagnosed with personality disorders or bipolar when in fact it’s been ADHD all along
  • You have questions about how to get diagnosed with ADHD, or you want to learn more about what happens after receiving a diagnosis
  • The symptoms of ADHD you’re experiencing are negatively affecting your life and you want to learn some coping skills
  • You’re here because you love squirrels and were curious about the title (That’s cool- I love squirrels too)!

If that is the case, you’re in the right place!

After receiving a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult in my late 30s, I had so many questions about ADHD, especially about how it affected women and AFAB individuals in particular.

These questions led to deep diving into research, which I wrote down as a way for my brain to process this new information, which finally led to various articles which I thought I’d share with others seeking advice, input and answers.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, you can email me, or use the contact form. Also, don’t forget to add me on your favourite social media platforms!

I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you find this content useful.